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British Canoeing Sea Kayak Leader Training (SKLT) Upcoming Events

British Canoeing Sea Kayak Leader Training (SKLT)

The SKL training is a 2-day course designed to develop selected candidates with the essential personal skills and knowledge as preparation for an assessment. The environmental conditions remit for the OCWL qualification is: a stretch of coastline with some areas where it is not easy to land but there will always be straightforward land points a maximum of two nautical miles apart. Crossings not exceeding two nautical miles. Up to 2 Knots of tide (but not involving tide race or overfalls). Wind strengths do not exceed Beaufort force 4. Launching and landing through surf (up to 1 metre, trough to crest height). The 2-day training programme will include leadership skills, personal paddling skills, rescue skills and underpinning background knowledge.

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